Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Falmouth Oyster Festival - Shucking Competition

Falmouth Oyster Festival - Shucking Competition

On Thursday 13th October 2011, the Falmouth Oyster Festival began. The 4 day Festival which happens annually, marks the start of the Oyster Fishing Season which lasts around six months. 

On the final day, one of the highlights of the festival is the 'Oyster Shucking Competition'. Oyster Shucking is the process of opening up oysters and preparing them to be eaten. 

Eight competitors took to the stage and had to shuck and present 20 oysters in the quickest time possible. The were marked not only on their speed but their final presentation of the oysters. 

3 judges were appointed to mark the competitors.

BBC Cornwalls Radio Presenter Presents the Shucking Competition

The Oysters were laid out ready for the competitors to start shucking as soon as the timer started

A bottle of Champagne, resting at the end of the table, was the winning prize for the best 'Shucker'

Precision was important when opening the oysters, a year ago, a competitor cut his hand open whilst taking part in the competition

Everyone took a slightly different approach to opening their oysters. Some bent over going for it, some looking more relaxed.

The eventual winner in the middle of his successful attempt

The three judges all took their time assessing everyone's final effort

Speed was not the only important factor in the competition, final quality of presentation was as important

Eagerly accepting his magnum of Champagne for being the winner of the 2011 Oyster Shucking Competition

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