Friday, 15 April 2011

Smithfield Meat Market - London

At just before 1am on Wednesday 13th April 2011, I left Cambridge to drive down to Smithfield Meat Market in Central London. Smithfield is one of the oldest markets in London, meat has been traded there for over 800 years! 

The market kicks off at around 2:30am - 3am and most trading is done before 7am, however some traders carry on until mid morning. 

The majority of the customers who were buying meat at the market were buying wholesale for either butchers or restaurants, but what makes the market even better is that any member of the public can turn up and buy meat from the different traders.

Most of the traders didn't have any problem with photos being taken, (as long as I had my 'Photography Permit' to show them) however, a couple weren't too keen! 

Anyway here are a few shots from the couple of hours I spent there. Captions are to follow and there might be a little change in choice of my final 6 images in the next week or so ...

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